An erection for these ladies.

I am an unknown writer. I am the author of three novels. whose last « an erection for these ladies » should be translated into a language other than my own. Friends English readers, hoping that my mood will land on your lips.

 Book Summary : I wanted to write about a subject like a volcano when man comes into sexual eruption. Erection of envy releases the pleasure of going back and forth in a peNouvelle imagerfect world. Small, we wanted to grow faster. When it is small, it wants to grow in excitement. Laforst his name, gave me a hard time in his role as the character. « An erection for these ladies » not without interest for men. I wish that during this reading humor more or less excited than you would find in the construction of a memory or indirectly. The expressed vulgarity is a history of the sweet life. I am the author of this piece, I could only laugh and even cry with laughter. But touched by the sensitivity of my characters, from left to right led by the nose, I stayed in the love to support them with a sense of sensuality.

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