Small and large at a time.

« Why did you take my hand, Dad!

– Little Leo my son, the danger from above is everywhere.

– But Dad, I’m not small, everyone tells me I’m great!

– My son thou art great effect by your gestures, your clumsy words but certainly you provide the innocence of life!

– I know dad, but I am a child whose smile comes from my well-being.

– My son my angel my little boy, I am proud of your presence in my life. To my breathing is essential to hear your breath and blow I love you.

– My father loved if I breathe this era of the family is to allow my heart to cry all the love I have for mine.

– My son, I sing your words my tears of my emotions.

– Dear Dad, I do not want to see you wet the cheeks of my words. Today, I’m still your little baby, the darling of your mind. I am happy to sweat the values ​​you do me.

– Leo, life offers us the most precious gift that is to give life to a being born. You are the best gift that we meet time.

– Dad, you and Mom brought me full of life, which brings so much knowledge. I want to say thank you easily. tell you what I’ll do the same with your son breakfast that will appear in a few months.

– We are your parents whose happiness was only your presence in our lives. Since that day, you have taken in our relationship, so much has changed us. we can not enjoy our youth, our travels, our dancing and drinking parties. Wait, I thought you gave us grandparents.

– Yes father, I am proud to give a breath you gave me and send it to this little life.

– Leo you will not go against you in the shit you put us. We will find twenty. He will fly into an unknown world you arrive. But know that smile, you just shine in the depths of our heart with the star seemed so far away, now it bright stars. We will shine for the future of heart.

– I know Dad, do not cry, Mom took my handkerchief. I moved. Now I understand your emotion by my presence. Dad, Mom something I wanted to tell you one thing I will not tell you enough. I love you with all my heart. I live only for your oxygen you inhale. »

I want to finish my speech to tell you that I wrote it as a dialogue between us. We spoke of another time, it is used to resonate. My reason resonates yours. you live and you will always live in me. Your little darling is fine. New life also will become as I was for you. You do not have the time to know, but look up there. I send all the good times you accompanied my life. Dad, Mom I miss you. You miss my little devil. His name, my heart

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