A quiet afternoon, I go see my friend in a phase smelling discovered. I ring. Before me, a person whose French was in school. This is quite normal, I am traveling in another area of ​​the earth. Language, meanwhile, is not mine. Fortunately, the language is not a barrier in itself. I talk with this young man. Meanwhile, a girl appears. They are more to live in this house singer. From the first time I came, a thousand and one things attracted me. The exchange with the students of the music world is a great inspiration. They make me taste a dish, I see myself transported into a world tour. The flavors give me the emotion of the cultural traveler. He returned to Thailand. I feel lucky winner of a new knowledge. In one room, a woman who leaves the delirium took his flame. Facing his machine, a mixer, I think, I think I’m delirious. I imitate Donald and I finished in her music box. Other sounds resonate in my mouth. Neither one nor two, I’m on the record. The strange appeal notes, noises, sounds let the imagination take a message. This time, laughter turns into laughter. A moment of happiness where languages ​​intersect to form a time of sharing, a single language that only music can bring. Expressions out of body to express a feeling. Musical communication transforms humans. Universal delirium, delirium true that not burnt at the clarity of an exchange. A good time. The spices of the dish consumed before took all their senses in this share. Peace in itself. A joy.

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