A sentence ends with a period, like life in the end


I am alone with this mountain. I watch it, I contemplate , I savored . The snow that covers it lets show through the green trees. The coldness of this vision is a softness to the eye. It attracts me. I can not feel my feet start moving .

Fascinated by this setting, hypnotized, I advance without realizing the danger of the mountain. At the trailhead , width reassuring. Then , the more we advance the perspective boils down to a single passage. My head is fixed on the path up and makes me climb more difficult . My concentration is obsessed with this ascent .

Step by step, I sink on the snowy track without looking behind me. I walk towards a victory that I have not requested but inflicted me with this beauty. I do not retreat despite the difficulty , as if unconsciously I had become an expert, a guide, my guide.

My feet feel cold invade . Yet they sweat to want to go further. My body trembles by the icy wind that penetrates me, but warmed by the excitement that I convey . For almost an hour , I walk on this path and time has no effect on my fatigue . I have twice twenties, but I feel I do not have that half . I listen . She calls me .

« Go up and come see me. she whispers . Come and see the vastness of the view. I will carry you on my western flank that my views further embellish this splendid landscape. »

I do not say the word. These words quench my thirst. The sweetness of these words encourage me. My footprints in the snow are tightening because of the hardness of the slope but I continue to climb. My lungs breathe without a breath awry. I feel invincible, protected by this wonderful mother. I feel born.

Suddenly my right shoe slides. The left catches up and walking again. I do not know exactly how many meters or kilometers. The indelible form I feel carries the pain of my members. I see the end. It becomes the start. A few more meters and I will be at the top, landing like a king.

I dominate. I cry when I finally just sit facing this crazy show. My optic nerve prints in detail this wonderful place. I taste after exercise. I am happy, perhaps happier; a lucky, but luck I took myself. Raised by my host, I travel in pleasure

Suddenly I see nothing. My heart races. My body is shattered in all directions. Snow so beautiful it is, my ice on contact. What is happening to me? Eternity me through pain. I’m heading over. I fall. I fall. Why? I was in a dream, in my dream. My head kissed I know not what. I rushes, I am bruised. I do not know what happens to me, I suffered. I tumble like a ball that is thrown on top of a hill.

I can brake. My members collide, shout to torture as abrasions leave my quick visit. I can not feel anything. Where am I? Death? I find myself empapilloté in cotton. I’m light as weightless. I do not move. I arrived at the end point of this incredible descent.

When I open my eyes with great difficulty, I saw a white veil. I now know that the angel picks me. I know I’m going to change the world. I’m dead. I left with the impression that they know better than anyone. No need equipment, the evidence I reached my end point, my goal with ease. Overcoming it is successful to a climax.


I’m alive thanks to the will of a few people trained by their rescuer profession and knowledge of the environment. The end point of this story is: « Better to stay good in these capacities believe that at the peak of his bullshit. « All this for a drunken bet. I’m alive and I want to stay, period.

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